Wholesale Solar Panels

From Pallets to Containers… The Best Quality Solar Panels at the Lowest Price

Off Grid By Design began as solar panel installers and we still install today. One of our biggest challenges was finding the best solar panel with the lowest price to meet our solar project budget requirements. After struggling with this for two years we decided to align ourselves with some of the top manufacturing companies as manufacturers representatives. Over the past three years we have built our wholesale solar panel division into a world leader in solar panel sales.

We are proud to offer a full line of 60-cell, 72-cell and smaller 12V off-grid panels to help diversify your energy mix. Our PV modules can be used for on-grid or off-grid solar applications. We have hundreds of megawatts of capacity available for you at any time.

‚ÄčAmerisolar uses only the highest quality materials to attain the maximum possible efficiencies in their products. Amerisolar is certified to stringent international standards by third party accreditors, including UL, CEC, CE, IEC, ISO 9001 certifications and more. The solar modules are individually flash tested before leaving the factory floor to ensure correct electrical performance while electroluminescence testing is used to weed out microstructural flaws that are invisible to the naked eye.