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We are very proud of each solar power system we have installed and the good friends we have made.

We start our project by going to folks’ homes and sitting around the kitchen table discussing ways to conserve and generate energy, in hopes of becoming more energy independent and self-sustaining. We complete and sign the agreement then design a system around the goals each family is trying to accomplish. We file the permit applications, order materials, and schedule the installation.

The big day arrives and the installation crew is on the job site, Yay! They work hard getting the materials on the roof, laying out the solar panel array attaching the racking system, and then securing the panels. All the electrical components and disconnects are installed. It’s time for the electricians to come out and integrate the system into your distribution panel. It’s all done…we flip the switch and you are making your own power.

We send in the net metering application to your utility company and within 30 days they come out to exchange your meter with a bi-directional meter. That’s it you are now your own power company!

Through this process, we have formed friendships with our customers that lasts long after the project is completed. We are proud that most of our installation projects to date have developed from referrals.

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